The German Government Needs Tom's Firewall to Protect themselves from Kayleigh

<¤LVHC¤SabLe> did you hear that chinese crackers cracked the german department of defense ?
<¤LVHC¤SabLe> and some more from the government
<TSC[20]; ¤LVHC¤HellRazer> no didnt hear that
<¤LVHC¤SabLe> they think it came directly from the chinese government
<¤LVHC¤SabLe> so who are the spies...we or kayleigh ???
<TSC[20]; ¤LVHC¤HellRazer> oh ya they where talking about that allready
<¤LVHC¤SabLe> she is chinese btw lol
<TSC[20]; ¤LVHC¤HellRazer> lol
<¤LVHC¤SabLe> where is logic ?? german government needs logic´s firewall lmao
<¤LVHC¤SabLe> old joke*
<TSC[20]; ¤LVHC¤HellRazer> lol
<hollow87> lol
<¤LVHC¤SabLe> hehe
* hollow87 remembers toms amazing firewall
<TSC[20]; ¤LVHC¤HellRazer> hiya hollow
<¤LVHC¤SabLe> i´m still in the tsc quotes with my stupid question about toms firewall