Lottery Winner

There is a guy that comes into my channel frequently. He loves to play with the lottery script in my bot.

A few of the prizes are not that pleasant. He often wins a temporary kickban. The prize is supposed to be for 2 minutes, but there is a problem: a bug in the server software doesn't honor the time limits and makes all kickbans permanent.

Once, a ban that was supposed to be only 2 minutes was a week. That was how long it took to notice he was missing and couldn't get back into the channel.

Even though he knows about this nasty little prize and the bug, he continues to push his luck and keep playing. I think he's a sucker for punishment.

[09:07:37] BLACKAZZBIRDY_358_25861 (14.4K 66 files) has entered
[09:07:38] Welcome BLACKAZZBIRDY_. You are victim number 4623.
[09:07:38] <RCMS> BLACKAZZBIRDY_358_25861 was added as an Admin
[09:10:55] <BLACKAZZBIRDY_> !lottery
[09:10:55] <PeaceKeeper> Drawing prize for BLACKAZZBIRDY_..
[09:10:59] <PeaceKeeper> BLACKAZZBIRDY_ Won Prize #11!
[09:10:59] <PeaceKeeper> Prize: A KickBan for 2 minutes!
[09:11:03] <BLACKAZZBIRDY_> farg
[09:11:04] <PeaceKeeper> /kickban BLACKAZZBIRDY_358_25861 2
[09:11:04] BLACKAZZBIRDY_358_25861 has left