Where do you post a birth announcement, on a software forum?

<lanux128> earlier this morning, my wife gave birth to a baby girl..
<Lashiec> lol
<Lashiec> congrats!
<tinjaw> congratulations!
<tinjaw> now it is lanux129
<lanux128> it's a 3.35kg bubble of joy..
<lanux128> >tinjaw: now it is lanux129
<lanux128> lol
<hamradio> mouser
<lanux128> i was in the labour room for the 1st two..
<lanux128> thanks guys! :)
<hamradio> congrats btw lanux128+1
<mouser> baby!!!!
<mouser> WOW!!!!
<mouser> POST ABOUT IT!!!!
<mouser> yay!!!!!
<lanux128> i'm too shy, mouser..
<mouser> damnit just do it
<mouser> you dont have to post a pic
<mouser> just an announcement
<lanux128> already my wife is insisting on an online gallery..
<Lashiec> lol
<lanux128> under the "announcements" section?
<Lashiec> no, better on "General Software Discussion"
<hamradio> lol
<lanux128> but too bad, my work-place doesn't recognize paternal leave..
<Lashiec> or "Developers Corner"!
<hamradio> or better yet in the reviews
<hamradio> lol
<Lashiec> developer's corner is the place!
<lanux128> REVIEWS?!?
<Lashiec> rofl
<hamradio> lol
<tinjaw> Or in Coding Snacks | Finished Programs "DONE: lanux128 expansion pack number 3"
<lanux128> my wife will go ballistic!
<Lashiec> I can read the sections of the review
<hamradio> he said "just an announcement" so...
<Lashiec> What can be improved: She could sleep by nights
<lanux128> so guys, if i don't appear here in the next few days or weeks..
<lanux128> then you'll know i'll be busy changing diapers or making sure that the milk is warm enough..
<lanux128> tinjaw: lol again..
<Lashiec> he, now that's a true challenge
<lanux128> and also maybe i'll be on some fathers support forum.. :)
<hamradio> hmmm
<lanux128> ok, guys.. i'm off to the hospital
<lanux128> :)
<tinjaw> bye
<tinjaw> daddy
<FrigidFox> lol guys dont scare mouser, we still wanna see little mice dont we?
<FrigidFox> bye lanux