Have a Ball

<Deozaan> I was  in a tourist city last week.
<Deozaan> And there was a banner hanging across the main street through town advertising an upcoming festival.
<Deozaan> "Mountain Oyster Festival - Come have a ball!"
<Deozaan> It's a pun.
<lanux128> oyster = ball?
<lanux128> or ball as in fun?
<Deozaan> oyster = testicle
<Deozaan> rather, Mountain Oyster = testicle
<lanux128> ah, would have never guessed
<lanux128> gives a new meaning to family heirlooms
<SkwireWRK> You batter them up and fry them.
<SkwireWRK> Rocky Mountain Oyster
<Deozaan> Yeah.
<Deozaan> They're called ROcky Mountain Oysters here, too.
<Deozaan> But the banner in Nevada only said Mountain Oyster
<SkwireWRK> They're actually not that bad...
<Deozaan> I wouldn't know. :P
<SkwireWRK> I would.
<SkwireWRK> lol
<Deozaan> I can proudly say I've never had testicles in my mouth.
<SkwireWRK> Living in the South, I've learned that anything can be fried.
<SkwireWRK> There's a yearly fair in the town I live in...
<SkwireWRK> Fried Twinkies, fried Oreos, fried cheesecake...fried pickles...
<SkwireWRK> You name it.
<Deozaan> Yeah, that same city had a candy store that offered fried candy bars...
<lanux128> you fry stuff too?
<lanux128> they do it here too
<SkwireWRK> Oh, yeah...fried Snickers...fried Mars bars...
<lanux128> with abundance of palm oil
<Deozaan> Doesn't sound good to me.
<SkwireWRK> I don't like fried stuff.
<lanux128> though not fried candy bars
<SkwireWRK> Try to stay well away from it.
<lanux128> me too, the oily stuff turn me off
<lanux128> i take a nibble to please the host
* app103 loves fried ice cream
<lanux128> [14:36pm] <Deozaan> I can proudly say I've never had testicles in my mouth.
<lanux128> ^^
<lanux128> lol
<SkwireWRK> I swear...if batter will stick to it...they'll fry anything here in the South.
<Deozaan> Fried locusts?
<SkwireWRK> Probably.
<lanux128> meh, too common
<lanux128> they do eat its smaller cousin here
<lanux128> the grasshopper
<Deozaan> If chocolate will cover it, they'll make chocolate covered anything. :)
<lanux128> i went to a cocoa conference a few years ago
<lanux128> everything was cocoa (!)
<lanux128> cocoa this cocoa that
<Deozaan> Someone sent my mom a 5 pound Hershey's Chocolate bar in the mail once.
<Deozaan> that thing was huge.
<Deozaan> probably 2-3 feet wide
<Deozaan> and 2-3 inches thick
<Deozaan> had to break it up into chunks and put it in the freezer so it wouldn't go bad before we could eat it all.
<lanux128> 5 pound? that *is* huge
<Deozaan> Hmm...
<Deozaan> Looks like I may have misremembered how big it was: http://www.candywarehouse.com/hersheybar.html
<Deozaan> Of course, when you're young like that kid, it probably does seem 3 feet wide and 3 inches deep :)