The Naming of Children

<Deozaan> <@mouser> ok ill revisit this later right now im trying to fix some painful bugs so ill leave this deobuglet for later
<Deozaan> Deobuglet?
<Deozaan> Sounds like a great name for one of my future children!
<Deozaan> If mouser ever had a child and named him Mouser, would that be really freaky weird, or would that just be like naming him Jesse Jr.?
<Deozaan> If Josh had a son and named him Metshrine, would that just be really freakin weird that someone would agree to have sex with him, or would that be rape?
<Deozaan> And that concludes tonights episode of: Deep Thoughts with Deozaan.
<lanux128> Deozaan's Deep Throat?
<Deozaan> lanux128 I'm ashamed of you!
<Deozaan> Or something.
<lanux128> lol