Mutant Carrots

<app103> i just cut up a bunch of mutant carrots
<Stephen66> o_0
<mouser> that sounds scary
<app103> if you want to know why they are considered mutants, consider this...
<app103> 5 lbs = 8 carrots
<Stephen66> means nothing to me
<app103> you could club someone to death with one of these
<Stephen66> o lol
<app103> now to find out if the onions my hubby brought home are mutants too

<Gothi[c]> hi
<mouser> hello
<DellaRoo> whats wrong with baby cody? why does he need to be rescued?
<Stephen66> I think Josh kidnapped him
<mouser> trying to get info from josh is like trying to talk to a carrot
<Stephen66> *mutant carrot
<DellaRoo> lol
<mouser> its like trying to talk to a mutant carrot while you are cutting the carrot and cutting your fingers and blood is spilling everywhere
<Stephen66> which app has now butchered, so its even harder
<DellaRoo> so cody is being held prisoner?
<mouser> he could be lost
<mouser> he could be in josh's basement, no one knows
<mouser> and josh wont say
<mouser> maybe josh lost him i have no idea

<app103> my mutant carrots are delicious :-)
<mouser> no they arent
<mouser> but they have made your brain think they are
* app103 loves all carrots, mutant or otherwise
<app103> i used to hate them when i was little, till my grandmother made me grow them in her garden