Ubuntu 10.10 sucks – sympathetic cats agree

<Krishean1> ubuntu 10.10 sucks
<DaynaGirl> oh man... being a sympathetic puker... sucks when you have 3 cats with furballs.
<app103> reading the sympathetic puker line right after the ubuntu sucks one really gave me quite a laugh
<Gothi[c]> hahaha
<DaynaGirl> sorry I don't get it.
<app103> ubuntu sucks...your 3 cats are puking in sympathy
<DaynaGirl> whoa major twisting there
<Gothi[c]> Ubuntu sucks... :P~~~======%%%%%% .   :P~~~======%%%%%% . :P~~~======%%%%%% .  meow.
<app103> lol
app103> i should reboot and install the upgrade...and see if my cat pukes too