Releasing Happy Making Hormones

<p3lb0x> Oh god
<p3lb0x> Why is this great
<p3lb0x> I've put the invincible theme from mario on repeat. And it's like it's affecting some primal part of my brain into releasing happy making hormones or some such
<p3lb0x> This, it's so great
<omgplzstf> LOL
<p3lb0x> Goddamn
<p3lb0x> I mean, it's a 6 second loop
<p3lb0x> Why is it so great!?!?!
<mouser> brings back memories?
<p3lb0x> I've never played the original super mario bros on a original console
<mouser> well then the answer is simple
<mouser> you are sick.
<p3lb0x> Probably