POS Software: Point of Sale? Or that other acronym?

<TucknDar> http://www.donationcoder.com/Forums/bb/index.php?topic=21086.0
<TucknDar> POS Software... is it very rude to point out that the acronym for Point Of Sale is the same as the acronym of another more common expression?
<TucknDar> or is it some kind of joke I didn't get :|
<srikat> I thought it was a joke
<srikat> reading that whole post w/ the common acronym you are talking about is quite entertaining
<srikat> "We also managed to make the programs compatible with almost every piece of shit hardware component."
<srikat> lol
<TucknDar> hehe, yes, when I saw the topic I was sure it was a complaint about some DC software posted in the wrong section
<TucknDar> then I thought it was a joke
<TucknDar> now I'm not really sure :p
<TucknDar> "POS MAID 2.29 is a POS Software"... ok. nice to know
<TucknDar> Free POS Software Video Tutorials.
<TucknDar> oh, the possibilities :o