Sun Tutorials Make Me Want to Smoke Pot

<Zed> im watching this tutorial from sun and for some reason all i want to do is smoke pot
<Zed> i quit smoking years ago
<lem> hah
<lem> in articles about ZFS lots of people that the codebase is less than 10k lines
<Zed> hes talking about new fs's and fun things and im just like why arent i fucking high
<Zed> lem: Ive noticed that
<Zed> ZFS setup is very simple
<Zed> hes only probably passed in about 5 commands and already has a working zpool
<Zed> and fs
<Zed> and everythinge lse
<Zed> i need pot fuck this guy
<lem> heh interesting reaction to cool projects
<Zed> Does that make you want to start smoking pot?
<lem> can't say it does