Muppet says:
i had a nightmare
Muppet says:
the pc i built had smoke coming out of it
Muppet says:
the processor overheated and burned up
Muppet says:
i wonder if anyone dreams in code
Muppet says:
<dream> public static void instantiate nightmare... </dream>


App said...

I had the same nightmare, except I was awake...sort of.

I woke up after a peaceful night's sleep to find that very thing had happened to my PC while I was asleep...except there was no smoke (at least not while I was awake).

The PC had turned itself off after the CPU overheated, which I did not know till I turned it back on, the CPU hit 113C, and it shut itself off again.

The cause was that the cooler was held to the motherboard with a cheap piece of plastic that cracked in 3 places and caused the whole cooler to come loose on a 3.2mhz Prescott processor. (you have any idea how hot those get under normal use?)