Nobody Likes Evil Clowns

<EvulKlown> No one has room for evil clowns anymore :(
<Deozaan> Nobody likes evil clowns.
<Deozaan> They're evil.
<Deozaan> And scary.
<Deozaan> And not funny.
<EvulKlown> But I am funny
<EvulKlown> you have even LOLed at me :(
<EvulKlown> unless it was like my wife and you just faked it
<Deozaan> It was 4am. My judgement was impaired.
<EvulKlown> is that why you said yes to me that night?
<EvulKlown> wow
<EvulKlown> i feel hurt
<EvulKlown> you stole my virginity and my humility
<EvulKlown> shame on you
<EvulKlown> oh wait
<EvulKlown> you didnt steal my virginity
<Deozaan> The answer always was and always will be no to you.
<EvulKlown> not if i get 6 shots of tequilla in ya ;-)
<EvulKlown> I've proven that
<Deozaan> You must be thinking of Ehtyar.
<EvulKlown> no
<EvulKlown> ray is still playing hard to get
<Ehtyar> :O
<Ehtyar> excuseeeeeeeeeeee me?