Company Mergers

<EvulKlown> I'll take "The Penis Mightier" for 600 bob
<EvulKlown> Actually, that's "The pen is mightier"
<tomos > O_o
<EvulKlown> "I'll take the rapists for 600 alex"
<EvulKlown> actually, thats THERAPISTS
<EvulKlown> Did you hear? Victorias secret and remington firearms merged!
<EvulKlown> or applied for merger
<EvulKlown> They are going to call themselves "Titty Titty bang bang"
<EvulKlown> Tampax and trojan also merged
<EvulKlown> their new motto is "We go in no matter what"
<tomos > I thought you meant 600 bob which is 600 shillings - sort of btw by now ...
<tomos > lol ..
<EvulKlown> :D
<EvulKlown> at least you laughed