Product Names

<Kaimaru> cocaine energy drink is better
<Anime_Share_2008> circa 1880 they were all the rage in the US
<Anime_Share_2008> ask k0
<p-sick> are they back to calling it Cocaine?
<Anime_Share_2008> have to peel off the label first
<app> they should have called it one of the many other names...Snow could have worked
<p-sick> They should have called it White Girl
<app> lol
<Kaimaru> they won the law suit Plastic
<Kaimaru> so yea its called cocaine again
<Anime_Share_2008> might as well
<Anime_Share_2008> won't cut into CIA profits that much anyway
<p-sick> lol
<Anime_Share_2008> US government had nothing to worry about
<Anime_Share_2008> heh
<app> i wonder how much one could make selling an exploding candy similar to pop rocks and calling it baghdad bombs
<Anime_Share_2008> app you know
<Anime_Share_2008> I love it when you twist your brain like that
<Anime_Share_2008> they could sell the surplus Jihad Joe action figures if packaged with Baghdad Bombs
<app> one could start an entire company that sells nothing but products based on current politics and world news and disasters
<Anime_Share_2008> Hillary Clinton Blow Pop?
<app> lol
<Anime_Share_2008> I'm starting to see what you mean...
<Anime_Share_2008> why don't you do it?
<Anime_Share_2008> you can make candy right?
<app> not really
<app> unless it's 'broken glass' candy
* Anime_Share_2008 shakes head
<Anime_Share_2008> okay some kind of Iranian IED peanut brittle
<app> them pope knotzies
<app> send a bag of them to GW ;-)
<Anime_Share_2008> so you do have White House ambitions
<Anime_Share_2008> what Plastic's throne isn't good enough for you!?
<app> come on now...would be as good as a pic of hillary with that blow pop
<Menchi187|Laptop> app has come to accept it
<Anime_Share_2008> well okay app
<app> the idea of the baghdad bombs is good though because you have an everlasting product...just change the name to fit whatever is the current war
<Anime_Share_2008> as long as you make sure GW uses his constitution bib when he eats the pretzels
<app> i was kind of hoping for a repeat performance...
<app> and the headlines would say "president killed by pope knotzies"
<Anime_Share_2008> with constitution bib nearby?
<Anime_Share_2008> for NSA reasons I won't elaborate any further
* <Anime_Share_2008> laughs