Fabric of Life

<Anime_Share_2008> app those leather thigh high boots aren't a substitute for stockings are they?
<app> stockings? as in pantyhose crap?
<Anime_Share_2008> yeah that hose stuff
<Anime_Share_2008> they better not be
<app> i don't wear that shit
<app> makes me itch
<app> i stay away from synthetic stuff against my skin
<Anime_Share_2008> that's a good idea
<Anime_Share_2008> it would just irritate it more anyway
<Anime_Share_2008> well I suppose there could be some form of natural hose made out of snake skin or something
<app> almost everything i own is cotton
<Anime_Share_2008> you own the Fabric of Life?
<Anime_Share_2008> awesome!
<app> even sweaters
<Anime_Share_2008> cotton sweaters are the best anyways
<Anime_Share_2008> and the Hanes commercials are memorable
<Anime_Share_2008> well not the recent ones
<Anime_Share_2008> but the classic ones
<Anime_Share_2008> like the Michael Jordan hanes ad
<Anime_Share_2008> everyone who bought them knew they could slam dunk too
<app> lol
<Anime_Share_2008> in some form or another...