Cricket Invasion

Visa177> i played 2 games of indoor cricket last night and hadnt played any sports for a few months
Visa177> my back is fucked
Derek.> shit
Derek.> indoor cricket
Derek.> sounds fun
Visa177> yeah it is
Visa177> its to full on though
Visa177> when your unfit
alejos> the same right here, but's no fun at all
Derek.> I've never even played cricket
Visa177> i was soaking in swet by the end
Derek.> I am unfit as a matter of fact
Visa177> i got 4 wickets in 2 overs (H)
Visa177> indoor balls swing a mile
Derek.> I'm sure
alejos> derek, where are you from
Derek.> what's it matter
alejos> because here there is an invasion of crickets, I want to know if you are near