Feed the 100ft Robotic Dino Some Cookies

<mouser> is it true that wordzilla owns a pet robotic dino that is 100ft tall?
<wordzilla> it is true, unfortunately
<mouser> heheh
<mouser> how much does it eat every day?
<wordzilla> 100+ mice
<mouser> !!
<mouser> feed it some cookies instead
<mouser> and he might stop stomping on servers
<mouser> i think if you feed a dino mices he gets mad
<mouser> and crashes computers
<wordzilla> haha u had another server prob didnt ya?
<wordzilla> :P
<mouser> but if you feed him cookies he will be nice to all computers
<wordzilla> v doubtful :D
<wordzilla> mouser talk to Gothic to learn more about recent server madness
<wordzilla> ;)
<mouser> i think your dino escaped and got into our server room
<mouser> i told you to feed him cookies
<mouser> and mint m&ms
<mouser> in order to pacify him