Just another day at work

<Gunrunner_Gray> so plastic, what's the story?
<PlasticYakuza> Someone came into work and brought back a copy of Beautiful Katamari for the 360
<PlasticYakuza> And I put it in the 360 we have for guitar hero
<PlasticYakuza> and got all the hot girls that work with me to play it
<Gunrunner_Gray> Awesome
<Shinigami-Sama> nice
<PlasticYakuza> And that was about all we did for liek 5 hours
<PlasticYakuza> then someone found a pocket pussy in our parking lot
<Gunrunner_Gray> a what now?
<Shinigami-Sama> man
<PlasticYakuza> and we marveld at that for an hour and went home
<Shinigami-Sama> I can't use a mouse anymore
<Shinigami-Sama> only touchpads
<PlasticYakuza> One of those fake vaginas they sell at sex shops
<PlasticYakuza> The gay manager found it and walked in with it
<Shinigami-Sama> LOL
<PlasticYakuza> and I said "Ken what are you doing with that?? Are you coming over to play for our team??"
<Shinigami-Sama> Xd
<PlasticYakuza> he was poking it and playing with it going "eewwww its so grossssss"
<Gunrunner_Gray> LOL
<PlasticYakuza> But I kind of had to agree
<PlasticYakuza> I wouldn't put my penis in it
<Gunrunner_Gray> of course a sex store vagina is gross
<PlasticYakuza> brb guitar queero
<Cai> a hooker or sex store vagina? the difference?
<Gunrunner_Gray> one is cleaner