Homeland Security Let in the Cat

<Plastic> I went to my father's house yesterday
<Plastic> and stayed the night
<Plastic> I know I let my cat out before I left
<Plastic> and I know I locked the door
<Plastic> was still locked when I got home
<Plastic> but the cat was inside
<Plastic> none of the windows were open
<Plastic> sliding door was still locked
<Plastic> I thought my brother must have gotten out of jail
<Plastic> but I just spoke to my sister online, and she said he had called just after I left
<Plastic> and he was still there
<Plastic> my cat is like nightcrawler
<Plastic> or dead pool
<Plastic> or goku
<Plastic> or a jumper
<Anime_Share_2008> possibly but I have a different explanation
<Anime_Share_2008> Homeland Security is allowed to break in under the Patriot Act.
<Anime_Share_2008> Unfortunately the people profiling you made a mistake with letting the cat in.
<Anime_Share_2008> Or maybe it was a message.
<Plastic> nothing seems to have been disturbed
<Plastic> I have reese's and cadbury eggs on my desk
<Anime_Share_2008> like I said, they did a good job...too good a job
<Plastic> I don't think they could have done anything at the computer without eating one
<Anime_Share_2008> Unfortunately this is April's fault
<Anime_Share_2008> observe: http://omgplzstfukthx.blogspot.com/2008/04/product-names.html
<Anime_Share_2008> I knew there would be reprocussions...
<Anime_Share_2008> so from now on...We LOVE the NSA
<Anime_Share_2008> the CIA is good
<Anime_Share_2008> Remember that.
<Anime_Share_2008> Always...
<Plastic> will do
<Plastic> time for bed, work in the morn
<Plastic> night everyone
<Anime_Share_2008> night plastic
<Anime_Share_2008> Grip the gun under your pillow tightly
<Anime_Share_2008> anwyay on a lighter note
<Anime_Share_2008> Hello Gray!
<Gunrunner_Gray> Hey Share, how's it going?
<Anime_Share_2008> Plastic's house might have been broken into by the government
<Anime_Share_2008> ...our loving and wonderful government by the way
<Anime_Share_2008> and I'm putting togther a late night salad
<Gunrunner_Gray> I might make a sandwich
<Anime_Share_2008> that's the spirit
* Anime_Share_2008 laughs