Too Quiet

</\/\artin> it's too quiet in here again
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ 4²ºAOD4²º > more tits needed :P
</\/\artin> I think so yeah, we need like a supermodel at the door just trying to lure people in
</\/\artin> then once they come in, we can break their legs so they can't ever leave
</\/\artin> and since then, they won't need their legs... we can cut them off
</\/\artin> and sell them to the cannibals, using the model to pay for the supermodel
</\/\artin> so the solution is self sustaining
</\/\artin> using the money*
</\/\artin> just an idea.
Jeff has entered
</\/\artin> Hi Jeff
<Jeff> yo
Jeff has left
</\/\artin> what a lovely guy
Fº×Rå¢è® has left
</\/\artin> right... no one else is allowed to leave