Windows 2025

<app> just 2025, windows will be an entirely updated 3d version of ms bob
<app> you will have to wear a glove to pull 3d boxes of software off of shelves to launch an app
<app> you will have to flick a virtual light switch on a desktop wall to turn your pc off
<app> and a little dog will ask you if you really want to do that
<cn28h> and the dog will even hump your leg for you
<app> and in the corner of your screen, a little cat will be shedding fur all over a chair to show how fragmented your hd is
<cn28h> haha
<app> and there will be a little window in your virtual desktop room that you can see outside to tell the local weather...wasting valuable system resources to change from night to day, phases of the moon, rain, snow, sunshine, clouds, etc
<app> and when your pc gets infected with some spyware, a peeping tom will look in through the window at you
<app> and a virus? cat pukes all over the place
</\/\artin> and it'll require a new room in your house to store the ram chips needed
<app> and the dog gets rabies
<app> notepad will be a sheet of paper on a virtual desk in which you have to write everything you want to with your finger on your screen
</\/\artin> lol
<app> and the letters will all dance & sing for you
<app> with drm protected sound files that will cost you mega bucks to either replace or disable
<app> and you will pay $1.99/minute to use this OS...taken directly from your paycheck b4 you get it