Just Fill Out the 420 Complaint Form

adam has entered
<adam> hello
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> hi adam
<adam> hello how are you
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> not so bad and you ?
<adam> ok
<adam> can i ask you one thing
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> yes
</\/\artin> one, or two things?
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> technically thats two because <adam> can i ask you one thing was one thing
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> lol you so seen where i was headed
<adam> i got band for no reason on karaoke disco gold
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> you mean banned?
<adam> yes
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> could it be the host is a bit of a moron because he likes karaoke
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> i have no idea
<adam> my pc was cuting in and out of the room and it was not me doing
<adam> it
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> well maybe you got a short stay ban
<adam> bye bye everybody
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> bye adam
<adam> does anybody no how to get the latest version of winmx please
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> mxinfo.com
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> opps wrong site
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> www.mxpie.com
<adam> thanks
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> http://www.winmxitalia.it/download/winmx354beta4.zip
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> direct link
<adam> the version i have is 3.54 beta
<adam> is that up to date or not
<TSC[55]; ¤tTÞ¤ ßôkî> yes
<adam> in some rooms my pc keeps cuting me out of the room how can i fix it
</\/\artin> there's nothing you can actually do about that, it's the effects of the delayed y2k bug
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> ive heard that flea powder can be used for some bugs
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> not sure about the y2k one tho
<adam> so why did she bannd me when it was not me it not fare
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> she just said because your names adam
</\/\artin> women have these times during a month where nature isn't fair on them, they subsequently take it out on the men
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> and you being the first man adam have it worse than me
</\/\artin> indeed
<adam> what she like is she real or w
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> have you thought about writing a complaint adam
<adam> how do you do that please
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> have you looked in you winmx folder to see if you have the 420 Complaint form?
<adam> why does she not like my name better then some names
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> because shes a meanie
</\/\artin> sounds too much like damn
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> did you find the form?
</\/\artin> try "Billy", I think you will get in with Billy
</\/\artin> no wait, that sounds like something else she won't like at this difficult time of the month for her
<adam> not yet don't no w to look for it
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> well you cant make a formal complaint without iy
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> it*
<adam> i wish someone would bannd her to see how it feels for her to have it on
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> just find the form adam
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> hi 55
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> and boki
<¤/¥\~\/~]Ф-ßôkî> Hi Matt :-P
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> if you find the complaint form and fill it in adam i can give it to the queen of winmx
</\/\artin> is cast iron spoon a synonym for ass?
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> shes sleeping at the moment
<¤/¥\~\/~]Ф-ßôkî> lol
<¤/¥\~\/~]Ф-ßôkî> no Martin
</\/\artin> because, as matt says, she's sleeping at the moment and that would be a horrible way to be woken up
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> yes
<¤/¥\~\/~]Ф-ßôkî> and yes she does posses a cast iron spoon
<¤/¥\~\/~]Ф-ßôkî> <------ always musts her nushi
<adam> still looking have not found the form yet
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> adam look in your winmx folder there should be several complaint forms including one for someone pissing up your leg
</\/\artin> adam, if you rename yourself to "clive", she will let you in
</\/\artin> it's just your current name, it sounds too much like damn
ßôkî has entered
<WB> ßôkî (I used to have a funny quote, but it was too embarrassing)
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> clive is a good name
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> i bet she wouldnt ban you with clive as a name
</\/\artin> no way, who would ban a clive
</\/\artin> I wouldn't
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> and darryl is good latter in the day
</\/\artin> Herbert always gets in this room
<ßôkî> bloody wrong nushi
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> lol
¤/¥\~\/~]Ф-ßôkî has left
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> nushi thats another name you could try Adam because she does like kareoke
<adam> why can she bannd use but we cannot bannd her why that
<ßôkî> o.O
<ßôkî> guys
<ßôkî> what r u on about?
</\/\artin> it's because she has a bigger left toe
</\/\artin> the ones with the bigger left toes can ban
</\/\artin> but the ones with little left toes (you adam) cannot ban, just be banned
</\/\artin> you see... these room owners, they have a device attached to their left toe
</\/\artin> and the small ones don't fit, so they cannot ban
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> its because of you name adam just look in your winmx folder for the 420 complaint form fill it in and ill pass it on to the queen
<adam> do you think that right i don't
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> get the form adam
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> or change you name to clive or herbert
<adam> i'll try it soon
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> do it now adam before the queen wakes up she gets too busy for only one room bans latter in the day
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> you really dont want to keep the queen waiting
<adam> i have being out with my remale for 4 years today live it up today
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> <adam> i have being out with my remale for 4 years today live it up today ... your lying adam its been longer according to computer records
<adam> going to get drunk soon thank god for beer
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> Your google search for adam tells sex lies returned 1200000 results displaying top 3 url's
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> http://angrymedic.blogspot.com/2007/07/sex-lies-and-exams-angry-medic-tells.html
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> http://www.tvsquad.com/2006/05/09/what-about-brian-sex-lies-and-videotape-finale/
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> http://www.sexinseattle.org/previous.asp?id=9
<ßôkî> pmal
<..Ñøßߥ..> whats a remale?
<ßôkî> *s
<..Ñøßߥ..> ahhh ok shemale*
<..Ñøßߥ..> i get it
<..Ñøßߥ..> lol
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> so it has been longer hasn't adam theres recods you know that
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> really you didnt think you could lie on here did you?
<adam> she just got me a rolex w
<..Ñøßߥ..> $10 ebay
<..Ñøßߥ..> ;)
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> lmao
<adam> try £3000.00
<adam> she a rich chick
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> i just asked she also said its because you were pming the girls in room
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> shes filling in her complaint form now adam
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> you should really find yours before she submits hers
<adam> who that then
<..Ñøßߥ..> i say sell the watch, lol
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> the woman who runs the room you got banned in
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> here name is sabre btw
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> and really you best find that complaint form
<..Ñøßߥ..> Sabres a chick?
<..Ñøßߥ..> lmao
<..Ñøßߥ..> now i heard it all
<adam> i don't no where it is please tell
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> omg the 420 complaint form is in the winmx complaint folder theres also another form for when someones pissing up your leg in the same folder you cant make a complaint without it
<..Ñøßߥ..> complaints@mxpie.info <---- try emailing them, ask for Sabre
<app> ofc sabre is a chick...you need tits to be qualified to host a tits room, don't you?
<adam> if she get it in before me whats the wast can hap
<..Ñøßߥ..> or you could go right to the horses mouth and email sabre@mxpie.info
<app> you het banned from winmx for life
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> omg she will ban all the adams
<app> *get
<adam> will she bannd me from all the rooms
<..Ñøßߥ..> and then theres to interp2p agreement, u could get banned from a whole load of others too, i know that lemonwire is on the list
<app> yeah...all rooms on mx...and you won't be able to download either
<..Ñøßߥ..> oi, i got a mate called adam, will he be banned too?
<app> could happen
<..Ñøßߥ..> damnit adam, act now
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> omg i hope not but adam did get banned tonigh blame him hes here now
<>> Generic Denial> Its all Sable's fault.
<app> yeah...otherwise all the guys named adam on winmx will be after you
<..Ñøßߥ..> i cant beleive this shit
<..Ñøßߥ..> adam, go clean up your mess now please
<..Ñøßߥ..> other wise im gonna tell Sable
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> please adam the 420 complaint form is easy to fill out theres pics
<..Ñøßߥ..> and you dont want that
<app> a few of those guys named adam have a reputation of showing up at people's houses when they get banned...and they are some huge guys...like football players
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> hell she will eat you alive
<app> better not get them banned for your mistakes
<app> you could end up looking like bug guts on a windshield
<..Ñøßߥ..> or worse, a kitchen hand at Sables house! Nobody want to work 23.5 hours a day
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> that would suck
<adam> why she doing this i have not done nothig to her just my pc playing why doe she not under stand my is she real or w
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> adam do you want my copy of the 420 complaint form
<app> i'll send it to him
<adam> yes please if you can thanks
<app> adam...see that buttom at the top that says recieve form? click it
<app> it will come through as soon as you do
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> just click the recive form button adam
<app> at the very top...to the right of the help buttom...says 'recieve form'...click it
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> why dont you click it man
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> you should have 2 there now i just sent mine as well
<adam> cannot do it
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> did youget the 404 error
<app> why not?
<adam> can fine it
<ßôkî> Hi April :-D
<app> what do you mean?
<ßôkî> sorry if I woke u
<app> at the top...see the button that says 'help'?
<app> hi boki
<app> there are 4 buttons there in a row...ignored...settings...help...recieve form
<app> click the recieve form button
<adam> i'm in setting now
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> beside settings adam
<app> adam...not settings
<ßôkî> lol
<app> see the button on the right of settings that says 'help'?
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> theres a help button and beside that theres a recive form button
<app> there is another button next to that that says recieve form
<adam> all i have is setting and help
<ßôkî> pmsl
<ßôkî> Adam
<ßôkî> sorry
<app> wait...what version of mx do you have again?
<ßôkî> i wasn't follows ur problems adam
<ßôkî> what is wrong?
<app> don't worry boki...we got it covered
<ßôkî> ok
<app> continue your convo with nubby
<adam> 3.54 4 beta
<app> oh crap
<ßôkî> <--- tad bit tippsy from banana brandy
<app> you don't have the special one...3.54.5 special
<ßôkî> very nice banana...
<ßôkî> lol
<ßôkî> pmsl
<app> was released about 1 hour before frontcode pulled the plug and left town
<adam> no can i have it from you please
<app> only a few got it
<app> can't do that
<ßôkî> april
<ßôkî> www.oldversion.com
<app> it's registered only to the pc that originally downloaded it
<ßôkî> they have the originals
<adam> why that then
<app> won't work unless you got it back b4 the big winmx meltdown
<ßôkî> April?
<app> no boki...they don't have this one there
<ßôkî> ok i better shush then
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> adam i have recived the compalint about you being banned
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> it says because your names adam and you were private messaging girls
<..Ñøßߥ..> damn
<..Ñøßߥ..> thats not good
<..Ñøßߥ..> pming girls?
<..Ñøßߥ..> tut tut
<..Ñøßߥ..> who do u think u are? Sabre?
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> and they have asked that all adams sholud be banned between 8 am and 11 pm
<adam> i'll speak to the internet cops about this share site
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> this could be serious if it goes to the next level
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> she says you have been talking to girls without permission
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> 01:21:08 <adam> i'll speak to the internet cops about this share site ,,,,, they will then know you used it adam
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> and they will help banning all the adams on the site
<adam> i'll kill my pc and get a new one
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> id just do what martin said
<adam> then the hd will be gone
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> but the computers connected to yours will already be logged by being connected
<adam> anyway i'm going out to eat now bye bye
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> bye adam
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> send me the form when you find it
<adam> i just oned to be mates with all
adam has left
<TSC[60]; ¤LVHC¤ /¥\\R /¥\\å´][` 4²º> lmfao