Yes, I have a dark side

<SynAckRst> I am now aware of April's secret obsession that keeps her occupied
<SynAckRst> haha
<app> :P
<Stephen66> finding pictures of small homes she can runaway from her husband and live in?
<Stephen66> :P
<SynAckRst> April has a dark side
<SynAckRst> hahaha
<app> you mean you just figured that out?
<SynAckRst> Nah, I knew you had it
<SynAckRst> It is just weird to see it on display
<SynAckRst> haha
<SynAckRst> Almost like when Jesse talks on here or posts on doco
<SynAckRst> We all know it happens, but still
<app> :)