<SynAckRst> .slap Stephen66
* sjBot slaps Stephen66
* Stephen66 stabs SynAckRst
* SynAckRst slaps Stephen66 with a trust fall
<Stephen66> sjBot: give SynAckRst a present
* sjBot gives SynAckRst a doll filled with grenade parts.
<SynAckRst> sjBot: Give Stephen66 a present
* sjBot gives Stephen66 the remnants of josh's twin.
<SynAckRst> hahaha
<w3bcrawler> lol
<edvard> best sjbot present chain ever
<Stephen66> sjBot: give edvard a present
* sjBot gives edvard everything w3bcrawler ever wanted.
<edvard> oh gawd
<Stephen66> Edvard just got nudes of mouser!
<SynAckRst> hahaha
<edvard> now i have a room full of weed, a slick new laptop, and there's a girl in my house im going to have to get rid of before my wife gets home D:
<w3bcrawler> lol edvard knows me so well