Killing Baby Bees with Second Hand Smoke

<w3bcrawler> i think i just witnessed teh cutest insect ever
<w3bcrawler> went out for a cigarette and there was a baby bublebee he was like .5cm long learning to fly
<w3bcrawler> he would fly for a short span, land, usually on his back, freak out, and try again
<Deozaan> Probably dying from second-hand smoke. )c:
<Deozaan> :P
<Deozaan> Sorry for being such a cynic.
<w3bcrawler> he'd have to have some pretty powerful baby lungs to inhale a gas emanating from 1m away :P
<Deozaan> Cigarrette smoke travels long distances. :-/
<Deozaan> I've been in the middle of a park and smelled it, look around and not see anyone, much less see anyone smoking.