<Deozaan> So, I think I've asked you about this a zillion times, but the good news is that I remember how to do it, but I'm not sure what it's called...
<Deozaan> I want to get a percentage of a range.
<Deozaan> As a value between 0-1
<Deozaan> But the range can be anything.
<Deozaan> So for example, if I wanted 50% (0.5) of the range 2-10, it would give me 6.
<Deozaan> I know the solution is: x = (max-min) * percent + min
<Deozaan> But what would you call that process? Or that end result?
<Deozaan> (I'm trying to think of a name for the function that will do this for me)
<mouser> function
<Deozaan> Would that be... normalizing?
<mouser> no
<mouser> normalizing is like
<mouser> if a value is in range 2-10
<mouser> and you NORMALIZE it to give you a value from 0 to 1
<Deozaan> So I want to un-normalize it.
<Deozaan> denormalize
<mouser> which would be (val-min)/(max-min)
<Deozaan> abnormalize
<mouser> something like that
<mouser> though im not sure there is a term for it
<mouser> scaling it
<Deozaan> ScaledRange() might be a good one.
<Jibz> Deozaanize()
<Deozaan> :D
<Deozaan> That's the same thing as abnormalize, Jibz. :P