Why did we use Microsoft FTP Sever?

<JoTo> moooorning all
<Jibz> hey :)
<Ehtyar> oh my god
<Ehtyar> why is microsoft ftp server such a pile of shit?!
* JoTo runs for Coffee! Hi Jibz :)
<JoTo> Ehtymaaaaan
<Ehtyar> hey jotolian! :)
<JoTo> [08:40] <Ehtyar> why is ****microsoft**** ftp server such a pile of shit?! <- See the emphasized word...does it explain a lot? :)
<Jibz> hehe I could use a cup or two, couldn't fall asleep last night for some reason, so got to watch every hopeless show on tv there was
<Ehtyar> yeah
<Ehtyar> i should ask why did we use microsoft ftp sever
<Jibz> it was there, it had flair, and so it became the nanny?
<Jibz> ehm .. s/nanny/ftp server/
<JoTo> hahaha, i know this show...Fran Fine the nanny, eh? :)
<Ehtyar> ROFL
<Ehtyar> nice one Jibz
<Jibz> yeah .. one of the ones I was lucky enough to see last night lol
<Jibz> I really wonder when you are supposed to turn on the telly to watch something good these days though
<Jibz> it seems like they dropped showing good movies on a friday/saturday night .. guess they figure half the audience is out getting drunk or something
<Jibz> hmm .. better stop ranting now or this will end up in an ugly "back when I was a kid"-accident >.<