Matrix Plug-in for Trout

<mouser> 3 cheers for skwire for his amazing output this year too!
<mouser> put me to shame.
<Skwire> Oh, hell.  Hush.
<Skwire> You have the big apps.
<Skwire> Mine are simple stuff.
<Skwire> redhatcoc, all my software is here:
<mouser> anyone tempted to believe that, check out trout.
<mouser> but more importantly, i have a trout request
<mouser> should be easy for you.
* Skwire duct tapes mouser's mouth.
<mouser> as you know i use trout to listen to audiobooks when i go to sleep
<mouser> the auto pause after 1 hour is great
<Skwire> Yes.
<mouser> because i fall asleep and then im not too far from where i started
<mouser> however would would be better
<mouser> is add a little auto-sleep detector to trout
<Skwire> LOL
<mouser> to detect the exact moment i lose consciousness
<mouser> cant be too hard right?
<Skwire> We've spoken of this in the past.
<Skwire> Snore Detector
<mouser> hopefully i do not snore
<mouser> so you'll have to do better than that
<Skwire> Matrix Plug-in
<mouser> yes please.
<Skwire> I'll get right on it.