Future Firefox Versions

<lanux128> hey all
<lanux128> firefox 7 went live it seems
<Stephen66> They got another cupcake
<Stephen66> thats the only reason they are doing it
<lrswork> i'll pass, waiting for firefox 14 this Xmas
<Stephen66> xmas?
<Stephen66> more like October 12th
<lanux128> it'll be sooner than you think
<lanux128> hi Stephen66, lrswork
<Stephen66> heya
<lanux128> more like halloween
<Stephen66> Firefox 43 will be released around xmas
<lanux128> no, it will stop at 42!
<Stephen66> They seem to have scrapped any other version numbering
<lanux128> the meaningful answer
<Stephen66> and gone direct for the big ones
<Stephen66> no
<Stephen66> firefox will skip 42
<Stephen66> Seeing as they have lost all meaning
<lanux128> good luck in hunting bugs in firefox 404
<lanux128> it will repeat 'not found'
<lanux128> ad infinitum
<Stephen66> ha
<Stephen66> It wont get to 404
<Stephen66> It will be Permanently Moved at 301