Mouser Speaks Out About the Stock Market and Financial Analysts

<mouser> trying to listen to tv to get updates on libya.. listening to financial reporters talk about stock market is retarded
<mouser> every day or sometimes 3 times a day they try to come up with REASONS the stock market is jumping up so high or falling down so low
<mouser> it doesnt seem to phase them that they are just talking out their ass
<mouser> and its all random
<mouser> one day "the stock market is down terribly on news of bad jobs.. wall street is clearly deeply concerned about the long term health of us economy"
<mouser> 10 minutes later
<mouser> "the stock market is rallying today with record highs.. wall street is optimistic about new news of xxxxx"
<mouser> its a fucking god damn casino
<mouser> people buying and selling trying to make quick bucks on oscillations in prices
<mouser> selling short, etc
<mouser> these financial "analysts" just stop trying to pretend they have a fucking clue why it does what it does
<mouser> just get on the news and say
<mouser> "stock prices went up 5% today.. i have no fucking clue why."