The Terrible, Terrible Linux Pants Script Idea

<Krishean> i had a terrible, terrible idea
<app103> terrible as in great?
<Krishean> terrible as in terrible
<Krishean> append the word 'pants' to every text file on linux
<app103> usually your terrible ideas are awesome, so i had to ask
<Krishean> put a pants shell script in one of the directories
<Krishean> see how many times pants runs at startup
<app103> where do you come up with this stuff?
<Krishean> i don't know
<Krishean> i have papers saying i'm sane
<Krishean> but i still say i was faking it
<Krishean> that probably just became a quote
<app103> this one is better not taken out of context so it will end up on the blog instead
<Krishean> lol