Lightscribe = crickets

<mouser> josh i have a question about your netbook
<Metshrine> mouser, i have an answer
<mouser> did you buy an external dvd?
<Metshrine> yes
<mouser> ok
<mouser> so i guess thats pretty much the way everyone does
<Metshrine> Lite-on eSAU-208
<mouser> you buy a netbook, it has no dvd reader/writer, and you buy an external one
<Metshrine> Lightscribe and all
<mouser> i tried lightscribe once
<mouser> you ever use it?
<Metshrine> yep
<Metshrine> all the time
<Metshrine> i convinced my unit to use it
<mouser> lightscribe is great
<Metshrine> we love it
<mouser> its great if
<mouser> you are going on vacation
<Metshrine> We have high speed looking cd's we create and distribute
<mouser> and you can leave it running for a few days
<mouser> in order to etch on 1 cd
<Metshrine> few days?
<mouser> however if you are a normal human
<Metshrine> takes me 20 minutes a disc
<mouser> it sucks
<mouser> what the fuck is it doing that takes so long
<mouser> its crazy
<mouser> i could scratch out that design manually with a pin in the time it takes it
<Lashiec> maybe you used an early unit?
<mouser> i think there is a little miniature cricket inside the drive
<mouser> chewing out the picture