VIM.. omg wtf did i just do?

<Jibz> trying to use vim is an interesting experience
<Jibz> getting quite a few fun "omg wtf did I just do?"-moments hehe
<JoTo> lol
<JoTo> thats the difference between us
<JoTo> my thinking is always: wtf is my dumb pc doing now
<JoTo> instead of "what i have done now" :-))
<Jibz> hehe
<mouser> hahahahahahaha
<mouser> ahahahahah
<mouser> that somes up so perfectly how i feel with these *nix text editors
<mouser> that should be the tag line
<mouser> "VIM.. omg wtf did i just do?"
<Jibz> hehe
<JoTo> :-)
<mouser> hhaahahahahahahahahaha
<EhtyarWRK> rofl
<EhtyarWRK> THAT is a quote
<Jibz> well sometimes I get a little glimpse of why it might be good .. like doing an editing move that is very smart and easy and would have been annoying in other editors .. I'm just so new to it it's still rather a misclick and I'm like "omg wtf how do I do that again?" :p


Internet Strategist said...

That's the problem with computers: they do exactly what you program them to do. :-)