Real-time Conversation With Your Online Friends Makes Watching TV So Much More Fun

<PlasticYakuza> moribito now?
<yello_grundle> uh oh
<PlasticYakuza> yes
<yello_grundle> moribito grundle
<yello_grundle> well youve mentioned it
<Gunrunner_Gray> Did they ever decide to start over?
<yello_grundle> so i may as well watch it
<yello_grundle> if its bad, ill start packing my closet
<yello_grundle> then join the shinsengumi
<Cai> in the manga, ichigo turns SSJ3 at one point
* PlasticYakuza eats the "do not eat" packet
<Cai> exciting stuff
<yello_grundle> gummi bears are being dildos
<Gunrunner_Gray> Anime needs a good Shinsengumi show
<PlasticYakuza> I keep hearing Gintama is good
<PlasticYakuza> but whenever I look at it
<PlasticYakuza> it looks dildos
<yello_grundle> lol
<yello_grundle> are you talking to dildos about it?
<PlasticYakuza> yeah...
<yello_grundle> oh shi- here it is
<yello_grundle> they need to walk like normal people
<yello_grundle> songs ok
<yello_grundle> whats this about
<yello_grundle> which one is kagomi
<Gunrunner_Gray> This looks like the first ep.
<Gunrunner_Gray> Alright, I can start to give a damn about it again
<PlasticYakuza> chick with spear travels the country side doing good deeds to make up for her life as a whore
<PlasticYakuza> or something like that
<Gunrunner_Gray> lol
<yello_grundle> oh
<yello_grundle> hm
<yello_grundle> so that dude shes talking to is kagomi?
<PlasticYakuza> beh beh
<yello_grundle> lolol
<yello_grundle> royual procession is didlso
<yello_grundle> and ox is made of crack cocaine
<PlasticYakuza> smoke it
<PlasticYakuza> buffalo crack
<yello_grundle> or it will knock you off a bridge
<yello_grundle> so does she have an objective besides wandering around?
<PlasticYakuza> and drown you
<PlasticYakuza> she has to act as a bodyguard to Prince
<PlasticYakuza> or a prince
<yello_grundle> hm
<yello_grundle> artist formerly known as
<yello_grundle> lol  bucktooth kid
<Gunrunner_Gray> lol
<Gunrunner_Gray> Reminds me of the black boy from Eureka Seven
<PlasticYakuza> lol
<yello_grundle> food waster
<yello_grundle> lolol
<yello_grundle> rumor has it that this man is a woman. do you know anything abuot this?
<Gunrunner_Gray> lol
<Gunrunner_Gray> You guys make every show funny
<yello_grundle> lol
<yello_grundle> we just talk about it
<yello_grundle> they shows do the rest
<PlasticYakuza> lol
<PlasticYakuza> which end do you think she polishes first?
<yello_grundle> thats a bigass bed
<yello_grundle> uncle grundle wants you to be a dog of the militar
<PlasticYakuza> she goes on later to invent balsa wood
<yello_grundle> and model airplanes
<yello_grundle> that kid wasnt awake?
<yello_grundle> they walked his dumbass in
<yello_grundle> oh this looks like fffuuu
<PlasticYakuza> formerly known as prince
<Gunrunner_Gray> Obscene amount of money!
<yello_grundle> now he merely a symbol called grundle
<yello_grundle> whats that crap sticking out of her kimono?
<PlasticYakuza> balsa wood
<yello_grundle> so she killed 8 people before the realized that she thought it wasa bad idea?
<yello_grundle> "oh wait. i dont like killing people. killing is wrong"
<PlasticYakuza> think you would stop after 3
<PlasticYakuza> "oops people die when they are killed"
<yello_grundle> and when they die they usually dont come back
<PlasticYakuza> oh its over
<yello_grundle> that was fucking fuu
<yello_grundle> i mean all that happened was some talking and they ate epic dinner
<PlasticYakuza> saved prince, now prince's body guard
<yello_grundle> and epic dinner
<yello_grundle> who you gonna call
<yello_grundle> grundle busters
<yello_grundle> stfu commercial
<yello_grundle> too loud
<yello_grundle> oh shi- its goose
<Gunrunner_Gray> Runaway!
<yello_grundle> bed time
<yello_grundle> lol
<PlasticYakuza> must be something better on
<Gunrunner_Gray> Discovery has on this animal show
<Gunrunner_Gray> Apparently, shit goes down, Planet Earth-lite
<yello_grundle> lol this song makes me think renton is about to pop out and eat a lot of pizza
<PlasticYakuza> rofl
<yello_grundle> looloo