Sneak-peek of Hell

<scancode> bleeeeeeeeeeeep! :-]
<scancode> back from school
<TucknDar> wb
<scancode> today has been a sneak-peek of hell
<TucknDar> scancode, oh yeah? what happened?
<Mart_1986> what does hell hold in store for you then?
<scancode> uh everything went wrong in every possible way
<mouser> lol
<scancode> i was doing a presentation
<scancode> pc crashed
<scancode> halfway.
<mouser> app htats a good quote for scancode
<mouser> <scancode> uh everything went wrong in every possible way
<scancode> THEN my father went to school
<scancode> to ask WTF was going on with my grades
<scancode> and THEN the school's café got closed.
<scancode> a.k.a. no food.
<scancode> THEN i found that I had a 0 in a subject.
<jgpaica> damn
<jgpaica> that's crazy, scancode
<scancode> you said ti
<scancode> *it
<TucknDar> actually everything scancode's said since coming back from school is quote-material :p
<jgpaica> you should get in bed immediately, to prevent it from getting worse
<scancode> i can't
* jgpaica is now known as jgpaiva
<scancode> have to work from 6.30 pm to 24.00
<scancode> :\
<jgpaiva> oh damn
<jgpaiva> be careful at work, then
<jgpaiva> what will you be working on?
<TucknDar> oh god. please tell me you don't work with nitroglycerin or something like that
<jgpaiva> anything with anvils?
<scancode> fixing two PCs
<scancode> both carrying really important data
<mouser> TucknDar lol
<TucknDar> well, you're not fixing my PC today...
<scancode> btw, if someone cares.
<mouser> jgp lol
<jgpaiva> well.. that's relativelly safe for your physical health
<scancode> look for 0
<TucknDar> ouch "0: Absent for all the tests (The student can't redo that exam again in his/her whole life; the worst possible grade (rarely given))"
<jgpaiva> unless... the owners of the computers are really large guys which practice kick-boxe
<TucknDar> well, you can take the exam in your next life then...
<scancode> jgpaiva -> not kick-boxing. self-defense instructors.
<jgpaiva> hmm.. then you probably shouldn't work tonight
<jgpaiva> LOL TucknDar
<scancode> i need the fucking money
<scancode> :\
<TucknDar> you need your kneecaps too
<jgpaiva> yeah, probably your kneecaps are more valuable than whatever they are paying you :P