Coded in PHP & Perl, with a Delphi GUI

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<lizardowl> Microsoft providing .NET Framework source code! ?
<Ehtyar> look but dont touch license
<Ehtyar> and im wary of it after how they did the .net 1.1 src code release
<Ehtyar> not that im interested in dotnet in the first place :P
<mouser> when i hear that .net is totally cross platform open source
<mouser> that is when i will embrace
<mouser> .net
<mouser> and not until then.
<Ehtyar> unless it becomes an open standard entirely
<Ehtyar> im not going near it
<lizardowl> but nothing useful is cross-platform + open source :P
<Ehtyar> personally that is the mistake delphi programmers make
<Ehtyar> embracing a proprietary language
<Ehtyar> made by a company going under
<Ehtyar> OI
<Ehtyar> AND PERL
* Ehtyar spanks the naughty word man over and over
<lizardowl> hehe ok code a desktop app with php
<lizardowl> or perl
<lizardowl> or wxwidgets :P
<Ehtyar> well wx sure
<Ehtyar> joto does it all the time
<Ehtyar> asshat :P
<Ehtyar> and perl and php are fine for cli apps
<Ehtyar> in fact i wrote my own download manager in php + curl a while back
<lizardowl> awesome
<app> i have one
<app> well, sort of
<app> was a small app to send uptime info to a server
<app> written in perl
<app> compiled with perl2exe or some such thing
<app> launched with a js file that passed it my account info and hid the console window
<mouser> also
<mouser> app is coded in combo of php and perl
<mouser> so she should know
<mouser> plus a delphi front end gui
<app> lol
<mouser> and she runs quite well and reliably
<mouser> except if you try to organize her with gtd
<mouser> then she crashes with giant memory fault
<app> lol
<lizardowl> hehe it feesl weird to code app in php/perl that's all :P
<app> i was already optimized
<app> it was like trying to upx a file that was already upx'd