How Men Think

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<WB /\/\artin> I'm going to make an esoteric programming language based off sexual positions only, I think it'd be fun... and the result could either be executed, or used as a guide in bed
<app> hi martin
<[BeenAWhile]> men
</\/\artin> hey april
</\/\artin> what have we done now?
<[BeenAWhile]> i was refering to the sex programming language message.
</\/\artin> I cleared the window... I can't remember it
<[BeenAWhile]> <WB /\/\artin> I'm going to make an esoteric programming language based off sexual positions only, I think it'd be fun... and the result could either be executed, or used as a guide in bed
</\/\artin> and the rolling eye worthy part of that quote is located where?
</\/\artin> I have just one thing to say on the matter
</\/\artin> missionary(lick++);
<[BeenAWhile]> yet another human activity that has nothing to do with sexual activity somehow managed to be directly related to sex. the eye rolling is derived from the fact that the average male can not stop thinking about sex with destroies most possability for any real productive thought that may further develop the human species as a whole.
</\/\artin> I entirely degree, and what's your bra size?
</\/\artin> disagree*
<[BeenAWhile]> 0
</\/\artin> can't even not think about it enough to spell correctly, apparently
<[BeenAWhile]> why assume i am a woman?
</\/\artin> why not assume?
</\/\artin> since it's a 50/50 chance, I may as well pick one
<[BeenAWhile]> assumptions are dangerous.
</\/\artin> but quicker than questions
</\/\artin> plus, are you suggesting men don't have bra sizes?
</\/\artin> there's a certain few (on the increase) that do
<[BeenAWhile]> How so? You declare that you think i am a man or woman, then i confirm or deny, with a question, you ask, and then i respond male or female. Both take the exact same amount of time and effort, one offends less.
</\/\artin> then there is the men who wouldn't have, but do anyway, through pleasure
</\/\artin> but now you are assuming you would answer right away
</\/\artin> perhaps you wouldn't
</\/\artin> most wouldn't
</\/\artin> so through statistics, I conclude that the assumption is quicker
<[BeenAWhile]> what does it matter when the statement is responded to, same effort still applies.
<[BeenAWhile]> how so?
<[BeenAWhile]> doesnt matter what you assume or ask, still takes the same amount of energy to conclude.
</\/\artin> maybe your answer would not answer the question, as in "mind your business" == pointless asking the question
<[BeenAWhile]> just declaring your assumption does not make it any more true then asking the question.
</\/\artin> indeed, it lets me decide the answer
</\/\artin> unless of course you correct me
<[BeenAWhile]> and if i responded mind your business, how does that affirm your assumption?
</\/\artin> but if you wasn't going to tell me in the first place (statistically you won't), then the assumption is the better choice
</\/\artin> it doesn't, but the point is, it doesn't disprove it.... which is the reason for assuming in the first place
<[BeenAWhile]> how can an assumption be a better choice? you already have your predetermined conclusions prior to any query into the matter, so answer or no answer on question or assumption, you are still left with the same amount of affirmation.
</\/\artin> not at all, my conclusion wasn't predetermined, it was assumed, and with correct it would be changed
<[BeenAWhile]> assumptions are predeterminations.
</\/\artin> the assumption is there because the statistical chance of asking the question and getting the desired answer is low
<[BeenAWhile]> assumptions are loosly interpretated data to which a conclusion is drawn.
</\/\artin> which supports a point I am missing...
<[BeenAWhile]> i think "predetermined" was a bad word to use, i was using it in the reference that you yourself have already made a decision.
<[BeenAWhile]> or drawn a conclusion
<[BeenAWhile]> brb
</\/\artin> I did, a conclusion that was known to be assumed - for the statistical chance of asking the question resulting in a wasted effort, but a conclusion which can easily be corrected by you saying you are either a male or a female as a result of noticing I had made the assumption in the first place#
<[BeenAWhile]> back
<[BeenAWhile]> my point is that either presenting your conclusion or asking the questiong takes just as much effort. Both require a statement and a response, one has far less connotation behind it.
<[BeenAWhile]> anyways, i have an errand to run, if need be im sure we can continue this nuts arguement later. :P
< E 420 > lmao
</\/\artin> one requies "are you a woman? what's your bra size?", the other "what's your bra size?" ... both ultimately give the same information
<[BeenAWhile]> exactly.
</\/\artin> so presenting my assumption through the direct question "what
</\/\artin> 's your bra size"
</\/\artin> is much quicker
<Emulator ®> lol!
<[BeenAWhile]> it is not quicker....
</\/\artin> than first asking if you're a woman
</\/\artin> sure it is
</\/\artin> it's one question vs two questions
<[BeenAWhile]> only if you're on drugs and time has subverted
</\/\artin> well speak for yourself
<[BeenAWhile]> how is there two questions?
</\/\artin> but I still think one question is shorter than two
<[BeenAWhile]> lol
<[BeenAWhile]> w/e i really need to go. :P
</\/\artin> "are you a woman, what's your bra size?" ... two questions
</\/\artin> "what's your bra size?" one question
< E 420 > Ever hear of moobs ?
</\/\artin> both give me the same info in response... either "36 C" (woman), or "hey fucker, I'm a man", (no size, man)
< E 420 > you should watch fight club ..
</\/\artin> fight club is cool :)
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< E 420 > agreed : )
< E 420 > and on that note i'll go back to lurking your zany conversations are interesting but require too much thought to get involved ..
</\/\artin> agreed, even for me
</\/\artin> and I have work to do