Beep Alert!

* scancode bleeps at mouser
<mouser> beep alert!
<mouser> gates slam closed
<tinjaw> ouch
<tinjaw> you caught my toe in there
* tinjaw is now know as toelesstinjaw
<mouser> sorry
<tinjaw> I demand a 75% discount on all your software as penalty!!
<mouser> ill give you 74%
<tinjaw> 74.5%
<mouser> 1%
<tinjaw> umm
<tinjaw> that didn't work out as i planned
<tinjaw> 1.5 ??
<mouser> done and done
<tinjaw> w00t!!
<mouser> and youll throw in a rolls royce for me
<tinjaw> sure
<mouser> done and done
<tinjaw> there you go
<mouser> nice
<tinjaw> there are the details
<tinjaw> I'll have it delivered tomorrow
<tinjaw> will you be home?
<mouser> ill quit work and wait for it if you throw in the girl
<tinjaw> sorry, she is busy doing my laundry tomorrow.
<mouser> damn it