menchi fears teh linux (or krish can't use a wii)

<kageurufu> i want a wii keyboard....
<kageurufu> and wiirc
<kageurufu> wiiboard xD
<Krishean> ewww
<Krishean> wii
<Menchi187Laptop> wii > krish
<kageurufu> wii == fun
<kageurufu> its hilarious
<kageurufu> i like playing resident evil on it
<Krishean> i want to be able to sit down when i play games
<kageurufu> and metroid prime 2
<kageurufu> 3
<kageurufu> i can sit down
<kageurufu> i dont stand up...
<Krishean> and not whack the person next to me in the face
<Menchi187Laptop> then you're a retard krish lol
<kageurufu> i sit in a recliner, wiimote in my right hand, resting on the arm rest and use it like a mouse....
<kageurufu> laptop on my lap xD
<Krishean> news stories on teh internets about people breaking each other's noses and furniture because of the wii
<kageurufu> xD
<kageurufu> only stupid people...
<Menchi187Laptop> only americans krish
<Menchi187Laptop> :)
<kageurufu> we had 4 people sitting on a queen bed, SITTING, and playing mario party 8 together...
<kageurufu> no one got hit [[by a controller, or in a wii motion]]
<Menchi187Laptop> krish has a hate for wii similir to mine for non-windows
<Menchi187Laptop> similar*
<kageurufu> lol
<kageurufu> has krish PLAYED the wii?
<Menchi187Laptop> krish is afraid of the wii
<kageurufu> ahhhhhhh
<Menchi187Laptop> he avoids it like i avoid linux
<kageurufu> krish needs to play wii
<Krishean> so in that theory, you are afraid of linux?
<Menchi187Laptop> afraid? no
<Krishean> lol i caught you
<Menchi187Laptop> no you didnt
<Menchi187Laptop> you hate the wii the same way i hate linux
<Krishean> plastic change the topic to "menchi fears teh linux"
<Menchi187Laptop> i still dont see where you get that from but ok
<Krishean> (Menchi187Laptop/#animeyakuza) krish is afraid of the wii
<Menchi187Laptop> ahhhhh
<Menchi187Laptop> well that renders what i said invalid then
<Menchi187Laptop> wait!
<Menchi187Laptop> i said similar >:)
<Krishean> you were comparing me&the wii to you&the linux
<Menchi187Laptop> similar = not exact
<Krishean> ah saved by a technicality
<Menchi187Laptop> krish you take grammar way too seriously lol
<kageurufu> xD
<kageurufu> play wii
<Menchi187Laptop> ok krish is afraid of the wii,i just hate linux
<Menchi187Laptop> there
<Menchi187Laptop> fixed
<Krishean> when menchi uses linux and likes it i'll use the wii
<Menchi187Laptop> NEVAS!!!


Frank said...

xD nice going App ^_^
I randomly searched google for "KageUrufu" and this popped up ^_^