Curing World Hunger with AHK

<Conquer> for anyone whos active
<Conquer> for programming language assignment #5
<scancode> ¿?
<Conquer> anyone have any suggestions/ideas? I wanna write one today while i have time
<scancode> language assignment #5?
<scancode> and that's a HUH?
<Gothi[c]> what language? what's the assignment?
<Conquer> AHK
<Conquer> assignment unknown
<Conquer> open to suggestions
<Gothi[c]> i never used AHK :/
<scancode> Conquer -> cure world hunger...
<Conquer> last assignment I wrote was a notepad
<Conquer> lol
<Conquer> oh great
<Conquer> so after a user writes a script to make a basic notepad interface
<Conquer> all they have to do is write a script to.. cure world hunger?
<Conquer> cmon man.
<Conquer> waaaay too easy.
<Conquer> #NoTrayIcon
<Conquer> #SingleInstance, Force
<Conquer> goto Cure
<Conquer> return
<Conquer> Cure:
<Conquer> CureWorldHunger,10,100
<Conquer> Sleep 1000
<Conquer> Msgbox World Hunger has been cured. ;)
<Conquer> return
<Conquer> oh. eat that. whoops... spam