uhh i'll pass

<hollow87> you want to make a gui for me while your still on linux ;)
<freon> if its with gtk.. no.. like i said, i fooled with it once.... hated it... never again.. haha
<TSC[07];hollowlife> gtk#
<freon> so expect oop from hell?
<TSC[07];hollowlife> lol
<TSC[07];hollowlife> basicly mix of java and c++ is C#
<TSC[07];hollowlife> and GTK# is RAD
<freon> java on crack... smeared with shit...
<freon> i mean,, uhh i'll pass
<TSC[07];hollowlife> cmon freon
<TSC[07];hollowlife> its not really bad, C# is a great language
* freon has quit (Quit: Leaving)