Crazy Dogs

* hippywarrior hands Drisanna a cup of coffee
* Drisanna is seriously considering committing little doggiecide this morning.
* Drisanna sips the coffee gratefully.
<hippywarrior> so whats the dog do'n?
<Drisanna> Well, they woke me up bouncing on the bed, playing and barking. Not ENTIRELY their fault, Dray shut them in the room when he left this morning.
<hippywarrior> lol
<Drisanna> But still, I'm not going to let that stand in the way of a good strangling.
<Drisanna> Then, they decided that potatoes should be on the breafast menu, scattered half a dozen or so around the upstairs, taking a bite or two out of several. . .
<hippywarrior> trade you for a puppy
<hippywarrior> ooooooooooh no
<Drisanna> Then, they apparently figured that I wasn't getting to my next needlepoint fast enough, and that they should "sort" the yarn for me. . . I found two multi-colored bundles in the living room.
<hippywarrior> pooooooor Drisanna
<hippywarrior> :(
<Drisanna> Oh, and they decided that I was making the bed ENTIRELY for their entertainment so they spent a good bit of time unmaking it as fast as I was making it. . .
<Drisanna> So yeah, they're pretty high up there on my sh** list this morning . . .