Why computers are better than kids

<Tia-sama> amazing how much a 4yr old can get into in 15 minutes
<Tia-sama> ~_~
<app> not amazing at all
<Tia-sama> heh
<Krishean> imagine what i could do in 15 minutes
<app> at age 3, my daughter tried to call up the home shopping club and order a diamond tennis bracelet
<Tia-sama> holy crap
<Tia-sama> xD
<app> she got the automated system and didn't know what to do when it asked for a membership #
<app> i am glad she didn't know it was programmed into one of the buttons
<Tia-sama> yesterday jess dumped all the parmesan into the downstairs bathroom sink, smeared butter all over the tiolet and walls, drew on the walls with ketchup and mustard, poured all the milk into the toilet opened my bottle of mt dew and poured it on the floor and proceeded to roll around in her mess
<app> omfg
<Tia-sama> then tried to give me the big brown eyed deer caught in the headlights look
<app> 4...and she thought this was a good idea?
<Tia-sama> somehow...yes, she did
<Tia-sama> and her brother just laughed and watched her do it
<app> bill cosby was right...children are brain damaged
<Tia-sama> i agree
<Krishean> need to lock the fridge and cabinets
<Tia-sama> she was never like this b4 she got here to georgia
<Tia-sama> after they started daycare and school they both turned into monsters
<app> could she be looking for attention?
<Tia-sama> she gets all sorts of attention!
<Tia-sama> both of them!
<Tia-sama> im buying those lil lock thingies for the fridge sometime today
<Tia-sama> i was dumbfounded yesterday
<Tia-sama> xD
<Tia-sama> all i could do was gape for like 5 minutes
<Tia-sama> then today, mikey and jessi were wrestling around
<Tia-sama> which is normal for those 2
<Tia-sama> and my lil girl managed to put her brother into a bent-arm bar
<Tia-sama> o_O;
<Tia-sama> ...shes too much like her mother, i think
<Tia-sama> -__-;
<Krishean> kids are more trouble than they are worth
<Tia-sama> maybe for some
<Tia-sama> as much as i wanna kill them sometimes, theyre all i have
<Krishean> i have my computers
<Tia-sama> =P
<Krishean> they never mess up the house
<Tia-sama> xD
<app> lol