BoingBoing Images

<tinjaw> I have a love hate relationship with BoingBoing
<tinjaw> They have great stories, but they always post images that gross me out.
<tinjaw> Then it takes me hours to get the gross image out of my head.
<tinjaw> AHHH. I still got that last BoingBoing image in my head. Make it stop!
<tinjaw> yuck!
<tinjaw> it's gross
<tinjaw> to:
<tinjaw> I say this with all honesty. I am ready to stop reading BoingBoing because you (the royal you) keep posting gross gross gross pictures that get stuck in my head and make me nauseous. This has happened enough times that I can't imagine that I am the only one. Please use some kind of "click here to see very gross image" link instead of posting these things to the web. I am ready to barf over the recent hand disease picture. I don't want to
<tinjaw> I'm going to try to go to sleep now and I bet I have nightmares about that fricking BoingBoing image. gross.