<nofreebeer> hello
<AMradio> hey
<AMradio> i need a young pretty radio
<nofreebeer> i in no way shape or form fit that criteria
<AMradio> yeah
<AMradio> i need a radio
<AMradio> pretty young n sweet and on my lap :P
<nofreebeer> now you are scaring me
<AMradio> how
<nofreebeer> i don't need mental images
<AMradio> oh
<nofreebeer> what you do in your home is your own business
<AMradio> i have apretty hot radio fitting that bill as we type
<nofreebeer> although i will admit i tried a toaster once
<AMradio> howd it feel :)
<nofreebeer> i don't know... i was cooked
<AMradio> yyawnn
<nofreebeer> had some bad weed that was laced pretty well
<nofreebeer> fucking dank
<nofreebeer> that was when i stopped buy from Cozumel
<nofreebeer> buying
<AMradio> so you stick it in the toaster or just hump up on it
<nofreebeer> ya know... i am surprised i remember i did it
<nofreebeer> hell i could of went to town... but when youy are that gone it could appear like you are doing anything
<nofreebeer> maybe it was the blender
<nofreebeer> i am pretty sure it was the toaster though
<nofreebeer> it had 2 slots
<AMradio> so you like it or what?
<nofreebeer> lol
<nofreebeer> what part of too drugged to know did you not get?
<AMradio> hehehe
<nofreebeer> as far as i was concerned i was just fucking a toaster
<nofreebeer> no reason
<nofreebeer> just doing it
<nofreebeer> not getting anything out of it either
<AMradio> you know that to mobile advo that has the guy whos best friend has the other guys gf in his 5
<nofreebeer> maybe i humped it... who knows
<nofreebeer> i didn't take pictures or anything
<AMradio> well humping is just humping fucking is like you know copulatiing with it
<nofreebeer> well as far as i am concerned i stuck my dick in something that was designed that for such purpose
<nofreebeer> not
<AMradio> freaudian keyslip
<AMradio> well id not cosider a toaster
<AMradio> there not my type
<AMradio> kitchen stuff so isnt my thing
<AMradio> if you got off oon it it would be cool as far as i am cooncirnd
<nofreebeer> nah i pretty much can say i prefer pussy
<AMradio> i pretty much prefer am stations omg they are so damn hot
<nofreebeer> was it possible you were zapped by a transistor when you were younger?
<AMradio> no
<nofreebeer> hmm ok
<AMradio> i have always liked technical stuff
<AMradio> i mean i fell in love with a pretty AM station when i was old enough to realise what love was and that i wanted that radio station
* AMradio um um um am stations are so damn hot
<AMradio> nfb
<AMradio> nfb radios are the hottest things on earth :)
<nofreebeer> hm