Satan's Spinach

<_Jones__413> Still think Satan's Spinach, aka "Mary-Jean" is safe? Think again! Crystal was given a cannibas "doobie token" by a Mexican man at the local discotheque, and just 18 months on, she has just discovered she is 3 months pregnant. 
<_Jones__413> You have a puff of mariguanas at a party, just for 'fun'. You are not dead yet , you even function at some of the brain power you had before you toked. Ten years later you are putting your deformed children into bed (weeds cause severe warping of babies) when you feel a furry growth creep up your back. The transformation has BEGUN
<_Jones__413> Have you never questioned how MARIGUANA is formed in the first place ? Mexican drug dealers have hundreds of so called "farms" in which men like Steve are forced to spend the rest of their days, rejected by society and slowly caressed by Juan as he gets his fix .