Everyone in Sweden gets paid in SEKs

<Deozaan> What the carp is a SEK?
<Deozaan> This bandcamp album costs 56 SEK.
<Deozaan> https://wintergatan.bandcamp.com/album/wintergatan
<Deozaan> ~$6.50 USD
<w3bcrawler> people might misunderstand if you tell them they are owed Y SEKs
<Deozaan> Why SEKs? :P
<Deozaan> "Why not?"
<w3bcrawler> it could be a new payment option on donationcoder
<app> Swedish Krona
<w3bcrawler> aha
<Deozaan> I should start accepting payment in SEKs.
<app> if you started your own bank and allowed people to exchange their USDs for SEKs, would that make you a prostitute?
<w3bcrawler> how would that work if someone wants to deposit SEKs in the ATM
<app> and if you filmed it, would it be considered porn?
<w3bcrawler> swedish bitcoins.. cyberSEKs.
<Deozaan> O_o
<Deozaan> CryptoSEKs.
<w3bcrawler> lmao
<w3bcrawler> crypto- makes it sound so devious.
<app> just think...all the Swedish porn stars get paid in SEKs
<Deozaan> Is that consensual SEKs?
* Deozaan is suddenly reminded of the "ma na ma na" song.
<w3bcrawler> everyone in Sweden gets paid in SEKs.
* w3bcrawler packs his bags
<app> lol
<Deozaan> No wonder it's the happiest place on the planet!