Sleep Typing Mouser's New Software Ideas

<mouser> i just had an amazing idea for a small website idea
<Stephen66> you had an idea for an idea?
<mouser> probably exists, but if not so cool
<Stephen66> and is this an actual small website...or a "Mousers version of small" website
<Stephen66> The same way as you once said SSC has a small menu
<mouser> yeah i know
<mouser> already had 10 more ideas for it
<Stephen66> lol
<mouser> but fuck this is a damn cool one
<Stephen66> You're as bad as me for this stuff haha
<Stephen66> Are you gonna let us in on the idea?
<Stephen66> Or just informing us you had an idea
<mouser> not going to let you in yet
<mouser> got to sketch it out more
<mouser> but its easy to code(!)
<mouser> not too much work
<mouser> and very user-content driven
<mouser> and its very weird
<mouser> im sure it exists though
<mouser> maybe you can help me search for it
<mouser> after i wake up
<Stephen66> Shit...We have a sleep talking mouser...
<Deozaan> You'll forget about it if you sleep before telling anyone!
<Stephen66> ^ Yes!
<Stephen66> Although, from the way he worded it...he is already asleep
<Stephen66> He is sleep tying
<Stephen66> Mousers new patented software: "Sleep and Type Robot"
<Stephen66> It uses technology from his other new invention "DreamshotCaptor"
<Stephen66> And I am fairly sure is incorporates some features found in "REM Snooper"