$NaN Doesn't Mean You Are Rich

<Stephen66> lol wut
<Stephen66> I have $NaN DonationCredits
<app> you broke the donation credits system!
<w3bcrawler> I'M RICH, Bwaahahahahaha!
<w3bcrawler> -Stephen66
<Stephen66> Why is it always ME that ends up with a broken forum
<app> $Not a Number <--doesn't make you rich
<Stephen66> NaN would mean I don't even have 0
<Stephen66> lol
<w3bcrawler> of course it does.. if your assets can't be quantified, i'd say, that's pretty goddamn incredible
<Stephen66> It might as well say I have $lemon DonationCredits
<Stephen66> y'know...cause Lemon isn't a number
<Stephen66> :P
<app> exactly
<w3bcrawler> but lemon *is* a number
<Stephen66> I worry for our education system