Taking over the world, DonationCoder style

<Stephen66> 50 Years might bring DC some big big increase in users and then DC can become bigger than Google/M$/Apple combined (IT COULD HAPPEN!)
<Stephen66> mouser could buy countries
<Stephen66> find and run (to) france
<Stephen66> United Donation Friendly States of America
<Stephen66> all major cities will become Codytown
<Stephen66> the capital will become Cody Nest
<Stephen66> All salable items will become donation friendly
<Stephen66> and the worlds currency changed to DonationCredits
<Stephen66> Giant cody robots will roam the streets looking for people trying to spam residents
<Stephen66> and shoot them on sight
<_40hz> the ultimate hands-off government civil servants and employees
<Stephen66> Screenshot Captor will become one giant "Big Brother" CCTV system
<Stephen66> Cody world just got sinister
<_40hz> process-tamer will be modified to fix global warming
<Gothi[c]> the cops will be replaced by find and run robot
<Stephen66> haha
<Stephen66> There will be no "newspapers"
<Stephen66> just one weekly Newsletter
<_40hz> the living room dc forum will become the legislative deliberating body